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House/Home or a new concept of living, translation of my last post

I have been reading  much about the new paradigms of society that has changed so much over the past 50 years.
But the biggest difference was undoubtedly the last two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and particularly with the opening of the former USSR countries and Balkans, to the world, and the opening of China and India.

The world today struggles to have fairer  societies , more equitable, where what matters, is life itself.

This is due to the fact that we all see in live motion, on televisons all around the world, hapennings or events, as well as  on the Internet. This makes all  of us  become aware, today,  that "our life is very fragile, fleeting, and it passes in a blur.  What  is really important  is the fact we have the  possibility  to pursuit  happiness, trying to live our life the best way we can.
Hence, what was perceived as "beautiful" in decoration, that is, what some people with  the money (and many still held this power),  thought as  "well" or "beautiful",  has somehow become as seen as a bit cheesy, decrepit or exceeded.

Today nobody wants dark heavy furniture occupying an entire wall of a narrow room, where they exhibit the silver and what has been gained in marriage...
Houses/Homes today are to be lived, joyous,  "light", affordable to be  redecorated with new elements that will combine with existing ones and these can be covered with paper, painted, and so on.
The so-called classical furniture that over the past fifty years have passed literally to the story, which most people thankfully do not lay out and  kept them, are back.
I’m speaking of that kind of furniture that until recently were regarded as outdated. And this is why,  the manufacturing industries do not stop, they are always releasing new lines, and the appeal to consumerism brings "unhappiness" to many people with “weak head”.

We began to realize that the world was changing, with tornadoes and typhoons that devastate cities in the United States, floods in Malaysia, the United States, the increasingly strong monsoons in India, that we watch “alive” in our TV, and that we can also take conscious that on the North Pole animals are dying of hunger, caused by melting of Glaciers and consequently to the end of their habitats, we began to realize that these changes are happening at breakneck speed.
Last March the World surpassed seven billion inhabitants. No Planet can sustainable with what has been done particularly in the last century, after the Industrial Revolution.
Therefore, and due to all these events we are witnessing, a survey of people who are saying, enough! A new concept of life and living, was born.
Stop cutting entire forests for five or six people of the richer afford to have rosewood furniture, or any other exotic wood.
The problem is that much of the world literacy is just not there; it does not exist, for those billions of people that many of their proceedings, are destroying our Planet, because governments do not explain to them  what they must change in their way of living, and don’t improve for all their people to go to school, just  because governments and institutions live far away from  their voters and they  just want "power".
India has more than 65% of their population, speaking more than 30 different languages, with people of different casts,that cannot read or write. The same happens in many other big countries.
How, in the 21st century, can a country afford such a inequality?

I believe that the new generations, and others like me, older, are acutely aware that "a piece of furniture" is just to store things, to put  the TV on it, a vase of flowers, books etc..
And that “that piece of furniture” does not die just because someone puts it on the street like trash, or simply in a corner of an attic.
That’s the reason why I'm so glad for those people that restore, rebuild, paint  and repaint, and give new like , and reuse some piece of furniture they  inherited from an aunt, a grandmother or their mother. That is why I will later on, put a new post with photos under this new concept. This is perhaps one first step, but others will follow.

The reuse of furniture and houses.

Not only  furniture but also houses, have to be repaired, and reused.  The building industry doesn´t stop...and older houses are kept empty of people, needing for repair, in the main center of most of our cities. Lisbon has thousands of empty houses, waiting to be repaired and that could be rented to the youngest of retired people.
Thousands of houses in need of intervention works, and new renters. Why don´t governments think about this? To rehabilitate the houses and rent them to young people who stay at their parents home up to late twenty  and some thirty or so years?
Think on all those things and please reuse your furniture, give it to someone that will take care if you no longer want it. be conscious.
That's why I'm not going into politics. I would be always at odds and would suffer a lot. I have not enough stuff to fool anyone.

Gena Resende

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